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MENU = A Special Dinner
When Chef John Lyle needed a menu for a special dinner, here is what we came up with for him.


All of the ingredients for Chef John's special dinner were sourced from farms in or were being foraged from locations around Sonoma County, California. With this in mind, we selected an earth tone pallet and rugged hand made paper to reflect the origins of the meal.


The metal ornaments and type for this menu were set by hand. Brayers were used to apply ink by hand for each individual print pulled through a Vandercook press.

"This little piggy". Limited edition of 18 numbered prints.
Art + Poetry
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Poster = Roots and Blues

"Roots & Blues" (2011)

The “Roots and Blues” print was conceived, typeset by hand and letterpress printed in 2011 for the band Clothesline Revival in a limited edition of 20 signed prints.

"Roots & Blues II" (2012)

After the initial “Roots and Blues” limited edition was produced, but before the type was distributed, fifteen modifications were made and printed as “Roots and Blues II” in a limited edition of 5 signed prints in January of 2012. The production of this final edition included the addition of a fourth, blind (un-inked) pass though the press and the addition of the printer’s chop mark.

More information about this poster, including design, letterpress and artist notes is available here.

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Production photography by Peach Farm Studio.